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“All In Your Head” – Chapter 4 Extract

An excerpt from Chapter 4 of All In Your Head – "Undiagnosis..."– by Marcus Sedgwick. Click on the cover to learn more. * The full horror of not knowing had started to sink in. I was desperate to find out what was wrong with me, and should proof of this…

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The UFO Club – London 1966

An excerpt from Chapter 9 - Darlings of the Psychedelic Underground - from Thinking About Tomorrow – Excerpts from the life of Keith West While Tomorrow would eventually hitch themselves firmly to the counter-culture and psychedelic bandwagon, it’s important to recognise that, as 1966 came to an end, this was…

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Keith West and Paul Weller 2021

Keith West – Lead Singer of Tomorrow – where is he now?

Keith West is the legendary lead singer, songwriter and front man of several ground-breaking bands, including the 60s seminal band Tomorrow. Indeed, Tomorrow and Keith West were at the forefront of the psychedelic rock movement, along with Pink Floyd and Soft Machine. After the demise of Tomorrow, Keith went on…

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Gerard Houllier

An excerpt from Champions Again. By Ian Carroll. I’ll go on record right now and say that I love, absolutely love Mr Houllier. Everything you’ll read in the next few chapters will have that mark of respect. He started out as a schoolteacher, and while he was studying for that…

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