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Book Category: Sport

Still Dreaming

Still Dreaming: Another Year in the Life of a Premier League Club

Still Dreaming Spurs This is the story of a season in the life of one of the Premier League’s biggest clubs.

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Perform & Thrive: A Sportsperson’s Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Perform and Thrive amazon

Perform & Thrive is Filled with real-world examples, findings from the latest research, plus life stories from top athletes

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A Pub On Each Corner - Brentford FC Book

A Pub on Each Corner: Stats and Facts from Griffin Park – The Home of Brentford FC for 116 Years

Griffin Park Brentford

A Pub On Each Corner provides a comprehensive and insightful account into Brentford FC’s time at Griffin Park.

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Just a Bus Stop in Hounslow: Brentford FC’s 2021/22 Season in The Premier League

Just a Bus Stop in Hounslow amazon

Just a Bus Stop in Hounslow follows Brentford FC’s season in the 2021/22 Premier League.

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Rondo Exercises in Soccer

Deliberate Soccer Practice: 50 Rondo and Positional Play Football Practices

Rondo amazon

A top book of 50 well-planned, thought-out, and presented rondo-based football training practices.

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Football’s Principles of Play by Peter Prickett

Football’s Principles of Play

Soccer Principles of Play amazon

Discover the fundamentals of football with superstar author Peter Prickett.

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Champions Again Liverpool FC

Champions Again: The Story of Liverpool’s 30-Year Wait for the Title

Liverpool FC amazon

In 2020, Liverpool Football Club reclaimed its position as the number one football team in England. But…

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