The Winning Edge in Badminton - coaching book

The Winning Edge in Badminton: Momentum, Match Flow and the Art of Competing

In badminton, competitive matches are won in the heat of the battle, and victory is not always a reflection of the skill or the technique of the players. It’s often a reflection on how the players handled the journey of the match, the tactical choices they made, and how they dealt with changes in momentum. Indeed, it is a player’s responses – on the court – that will turn around challenging situations and steer them to victory.

Written for competitive badminton players of all levels, and drawing on years of experience at the highest international level, authors Andy Wood and Alistair Higham take an in-depth look at what happens in the cauldron of competition. By examining match events, momentum, and match flow, they offer game insights which will change players’ perceptions of what really happens in a match. And through this change of perception will come the understanding and ability to control the many factors that can make or break success.

Focussing on the mental and tactical battles that take place, this book highlights the skills you need to develop to make the most of whatever situation you find yourself in. Packed with practical tips and examples from Olympic competition, The Winning Edge covers key questions at the heart of how to master the art of competing:

> What are the demands of badminton?

> What makes up a winning performance?

> How do I maintain consistent levels of performance throughout the twists and turns of a match?

> How do I make better decisions during the heat of the battle?

> How can I learn and progress from match to match?

Due Autumn 2022

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