Rondo Exercises in Soccer

Deliberate Soccer Practice: 50 Rondo and Positional Play Football Practices

The fifth book in the Deliberate Practice series [Show Me the other books]. And this one is all about the Rondo and positional play!

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Deliberate Soccer Practice

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Deliberate Soccer Practice: 50 Rondo and Positional Play Practices is the fifth title in the bestselling practice series by coach and author Ray Power.

Rondos are a football training methodology in constrained spaces, where one team has an overload over another and attempts to keep the ball away from the opposition. It is a practical training approach that has been championed by legendary coaches Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola, and clubs like Ajax and Barcelona, amongst others. To these coaches and clubs, rondos are not just fun warm-up exercises, they are fundamental to the development of players and teams.

This book contains 50 well-planned, thought-out, and presented rondo-based football training practices for soccer coaches. They take the coach on a journey through the training methodology from basic to complex, with an eye on pitch shapes, the number of players available, and different scoring systems.

Whether you employ the rondo methodology with your players already, or are looking to increase your practical knowledge and use of this world-leading training approach, Deliberate Soccer Practice: 50 Rondo and Positional Play Practices will help grow and develop your coaching and your football teams.

About Ray Power. Ray Power is one of the bestselling football authors in the world. With over a decade of experience working in football and education, coaching players from non-league to Premier League levels, and internationally, he is the author of Making the Ball Roll, Coaching Youth Football: What Soccer Coaches Can Learn From The Professional Game, and five titles in the Deliberate Soccer Practice series.

As a coach developer and educator, Ray has worked for, and consulted with, numerous national FAs, as well as governing bodies from other sports, including the NBA. He also works as a consultant – mentor – educator on a freelance basis, working with grassroots coaches all the way to professional teams.

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