Perform & Thrive: A Sportsperson’s Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing

> Improve athlete satisfaction, fulfilment, and enjoyment

> Written by one of the UK’s top sport psychologists

> Carry the book’s wisdom and insights from sport into life!


Good mental health and wellbeing are the cornerstones of success and fulfilment in both sport and life. Without them, barriers appear insurmountable, and victories can feel hollow. It is possible to perform for periods of time if you are struggling mentally, but this state is not sustainable or enjoyable.

So, how do sportspeople keep on top of wellbeing and the mental side to both sporting performances and life overall? In this book, by top Chartered Psychologist Sarah Broadhead, we deep dive into the elements that really count, and identify what can be done – practically – to provide sportspeople with the best possible chance of success.

Filled with real-world examples, findings from the latest research, plus life stories from top athletes, this book – for athletes, coaches, and administrators – is a must-read for nurturing people who wish to perform and thrive!

> Understand how good mental health and wellbeing can be seen as a continuum, not a state.

> Differentiate between good mental health and poor mental health, and dig into the many factors that influence our shifting state of wellbeing.

> Discover the importance of understanding yourself and what makes you tick, plus the impact of sporting cultures and society’s broader pressures.

> Understand the impact of relationships – both good and unhealthy – and what can be done to improve them.

> Learn how to manage stress, fear, and anxiety, plus injuries, illness, competitions, disappointment, and more.

> Recognise the power and importance of physical and mental rest and recovery.

> Learn the value of support, and how to get the right kind of help.

> Foreword by Jade Jones, OBE – Double Olympic Taekwondo Champion


Author: Sarah Broadhead

Published November 15th 2022 | 182 pages [paperback] | £14.99 | ISBN: 978-1-914066-17-7

Athletes’ Mental Health

Culture in Sport

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