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All In Your Head - Marcus Sedgwick

All In Your Head: What Happens When Your Doctor Doesn’t Believe You?

All In Your Head Amazon

All In Your Head is about what happens when your doctor doesn’t believe that you’re ill.

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Patients First: How to Save the NHS

Please be a superstar and buy direct for a 23% discount and free UK P&P. In Patients First, Leslie Turnberg, former President of the Royal…

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Steer Into The Skid: An 8-Step Guide to Managing Your Cancer Journey

> The real-life coping with cancer journey of author Ted Garratt. > A practical approach involving mindfulness, meditiation, psychology, and more. > Empower yourself to…

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Master Chronic Pain Book

Master Your Chronic Pain: A Practical Guide

Master Your Chronic Pain amazon
Do you want to manage your chronic pain and get your life back on track? Use mindfulness, mood management and a host of other techniques to master your persistent pain.

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Perform & Thrive: A Sportsperson’s Guide to Mental Health and Wellbeing

Perform and Thrive amazon

Perform & Thrive is Filled with real-world examples, findings from the latest research, plus life stories from top athletes

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The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth: Using the ACR to explore Alcohol Dependency

> A concise no-nonsense book for anyone wondering if they are dependent on alcohol. > Written by one of the UK's top alcohol experts, who…

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