Steer Into The Skid: An 8-Step Guide to Managing Your Cancer Journey

> The real-life coping with cancer journey of author Ted Garratt.

> A practical approach involving mindfulness, meditiation, psychology, and more.

> Empower yourself to take control of your cancer journey.

Across the world, thousands of people are diagnosed with the bombshell news of cancer every day. Initial thoughts of ‘Why’ quickly move on to ‘How can I deal with this?’ and ‘What should I do next?’ Sadly, there is often little or no help on how to move forward psychologically.

Steer Into The Skid is based on the cancer journey of author and business coach Ted Garratt, who experienced a two-and-a-half-year fight against melanoma. Following his professional experiences, Ted wanted to face his health challenges head-on, and knew that certain techniques would give him the best means – through a strong and effective mindset – to do so. He knew that retreating into his shell was not the most effective way forward.

Steer Into The Skid provides a practical approach to dealing with the mental side of having cancer. It offers a tried-and-tested 8-stage approach, based on Ted’s journey, and is built around mindfulness, meditation, tools from psychology, coaching, counselling, and more. In this book, you will discover a menu of options that you can use – depending on personal needs and preferences – designed to help you respond purposefully to the health journey you find yourself on.

Importantly, the book also includes interviews with people who have gone through cancer and other health issues, and shares their approaches to dealing with these momentous periods in life.

When fate throws your life into a skid, becoming a hands-off passenger will do you no favours. Take action, steer into it, and continue your journey!

> Manage the mental side of a cancer diagnosis and treatment path through effective, easy-to-use techniques.

> Based on the real-life experiences of the author and his own two-and-a-half-year cancer journey.

> Designed to empower people to navigate their cancer journeys with a life-affirming attitude and response.

> Offers an 8-step programme using proven techniques from mindfulness, meditation, psychology, coaching, and counselling, that can be used on a day-to-day basis.

> Includes interviews with people who have either had cancer or another serious illness, and draws on their experiences.

> A downloadable workbook accompanies the book.

The Author

Ted Garratt has spent over 30 years running his own executive coaching and management training business, and also works in professional sport. He is passionate about helping people improve their performance and personal effectiveness.

Published July 1st 2023 | Paperback and eBook formats | 9781914066313

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