All In Your Head - Marcus Sedgwick

All In Your Head: What Happens When Your Doctor Doesn’t Believe You?

All In Your Head is about what happens when your doctor doesn’t believe that you’re ill. When they think you are imagining a serious ailment, or worse, faking it.

It’s the story of the stigma that goes with invisible illness, and of the strange places that chronic illness takes you. It’s the tale of bizarre treatments, and above all, the damage that’s created through other people’s doubts and indifference.

Yet, there is an epidemic of undiagnosed, hard-to-explain, and misunderstood illnesses in today’s world, with new illnesses such as long-COVID steadily emerging. It is often up to individuals to drive their own search for recognition and a diagnosis, a task that can prove challenging due to establishment scepticism and disinterest.

With honesty, and at times, dark humour, All In Your Head – from multiple award-winning author Marcus Sedgwick – explores how four simple words can make you question your sense of reality.


Poignant. Gripping. Provocative. A must read …
Dr Veronique Mead

Everybody needs to read this book.
Dr Nina Muirhead


About The Author. Marcus Sedgwick is an award-winning author of over forty books for adults and young people. After careers in bookselling and the publishing industry, Sedgwick produced his first novel, Floodland, in 2000, winning the Branford Boase Award.

Published 25 October 2022 | Paperback: 310 pages | ISBN-13: 978-1914066214

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“All In Your Head” – Chapter 4 Extract

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