The Honest Truth

The Honest Truth: Using the ACR to explore Alcohol Dependency

> A concise no-nonsense book for anyone wondering if they are dependent on alcohol.

> Written by one of the UK’s top alcohol experts, who used the ACR with thousands of his clients

> Written without judgement or blame.

Alcohol dependency – where alcohol has a hold over someone’s behaviour – affects people from all walks of life. It can impact an individual’s health, wealth, relationships, life fulfilment, and so much more.

In The Honest Truth, we explore how to evaluate whether someone has a dependency on alcohol through the ACR: the Alcohol Consumption Regime. It is a focused, simple, six-week programme punctuated with periods of permitted drinking and periods of non-drinking. By the end of it, the reader will see, for themselves, whether alcohol has control over them. With this knowledge in place, they are now better equipped to determine how to move forwards should they need to. The ACR can also be used as a day-to-day routine to moderate and safely control drinking patterns.

Developed over decades of work with alcohol dependents, the ACR offers the proof that people require when judging their drinking habits. This no-nonsense, concise book also contains a variety of background information, case studies, signs of dependency, and beyond. The Honest Truth will be one of the most valuable books you will ever read.

About the author. In 1997’s New Year Honours appointments, Nick Charles MBE was the first person in the UK to be honoured by the Queen ‘for services to people with alcohol problems’. His work, over 50 years, has become the most decorated in the UK alcohol treatment field.


Nick Charles MBE investiture

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