New Leaves from a Madeira Garden

New Leaves From A Madeira Garden

New Leaves from a Madeira Garden, from Tony Powell, introduces readers to the delights of 21st-century life on the beautiful Atlantic Island of Madeira.

Inspired by an original text, Leaves from a Madeira Garden, first published in 1909, this modern-day exploration of Madeira compares and contrasts the Island’s expansion and history. In 1909, Sir Charles Thomas-Stanford described his title as “a trivial story of an uneventful winter”, however, we discover he enjoyed four-month stays on the Island over many years, and was enamoured with this unique idyll. The same is true for visitors in the present day.

New Leaves from a Madeira Garden highlights much of the Island’s development over the past 100 years (a century of remarkable change), as seen through the eyes of these two visitors. Both came to the Island for long winter breaks, and the two impressions make for a remarkable, satisfying, and entertaining contrast that will fascinate and captivate tourists and islanders alike.

Content covers Funchal, the mountains, plus numerous other parts of the island, the influx of British visitors over the years, the political and social changes that Madeira has experienced, holy days and holidays, and – of course – the world-famous gardens.


“What a brilliant idea to take an old, out-of-print book – over a hundred years old – and follow its author’s structure only to add your own insights, memories, and descriptions of the incomparable Madeira. This island paradise, as viewed by two highly-talented authors, a hundred years apart, is uniquely described in ways that any visitors, residents, or long-time guests can enjoy.” Harry van Bommel


The author. Tony Powell was called to the Bar having graduated with an honours degree in law from the University of London. Having spent his working life in shipping and marine insurance, he now divides his time between the UK and Madeira.

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